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Sri Lanka

Picturesque landscapes, splashing waves, sun kissed golden beaches, misty mountains, culturally rich, diverse and friendly people are a few of the features Sri Lanka has to offer to its visitor, be it for leisure or business

Sri Lanka is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean aptly named in the olden days as the “Ratna Dweep which in Sanskrit means “Island of Jewels”. The Arab traders called it the “Serendib” and it is also known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Such is the fame it enjoys from as far back in the days as the history of Sri Lanka spans. The Gem Industry in the country has a long history. As far back as 2500 years in history and to date, Sri Lankan exquisite gems have been known to adorn countless pieces of exquisite jewellery of kings and queens around the globe. Explorer Marco Polo named Sri Lanka as one of the best islands in the world.

Of the 200 minerals that have been classified as precious gemstones, 75 are found in abundance in the deep rich soil of Sri Lanka. The country is best known for the best Blue Sapphires with unique “cornflower blue” among the others belonging to the Corundum family, with Chrysoberyl, Spinel, Garnet and Tourmaline following close behind. All these glorious gems found in the river beds of Sri Lanka have created a very unique brand recognition worldwide. Ranging from precious to semi-precious, Sri Lankan gems have made the world sparkle in glorious hues for the last 30 centuries and would continue to do so.


A gemstone receives its luster and value only when it is properly cut and polished. Therefore, the lapidary industry in the country has an equally long history of gemstone mining. AWA has over 43 years of experience in the lapidary field

At our factory, we employ highly skilled professional workmen who have years of experience and knowledge which is put into practice to produce the stones with the maximum yield. Wastage of precious stones in cutting is at a very minimum. Employing the use of new technology and professional know-how, we have managed to create a name for ourselves for our cutting and a special niche in the trade for our specialized and personal care given to every single gemstone that comes to us for value added services.

AWA Associates is a family-owned business with Anura Wijemanne at its helm. Amanda and Mewan joined the company after their studies to help their father manage the company.


Anura Wijemanne - Proprietor

Qualified Gemologist, Anura has many years experience as a Gem Valuer at the State Gem Corporation. He was the past Chairman of Sri Lanka Lapidary Exporters Association, Past Vice President of Sri Lankan Gem & Jewellery Association and, ICA Member. He has been a standing   continuous exhibitor of over 20 years at the GLDA, GJX, and JCK Exhibitions in the USA, and has exhibited in UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Thailand and Macau gem trade shows. Anura was a Member of the advisory board in the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka on gems and Jewellery. He is also the Founder of the “Best Cutter“ competition held annually among the local lapidarists conducted by the Sri Lankan Lapidary Exporters Association.

Mewan Wijemanne - Manager

Upon graduating with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, Mewan returned to Sri Lanka with the idea of joining the family business. The practice of Industrial Engineering provided the diversity required to apply his knowledge to any industry. That, along with his focused research in statistics and optimization provides a unique skill set that would help optimize any process or operation. He combines his experience working in an American Research and Development based company with the exposure he gained in the Gem industry from an early age to develop and modernize the practices of the gem industry.

Amanda Wijemanne - Head of Marketing

Upon graduating from the California State University of Northridge with a BSc in Management and Economics, she has completed a certificate course in Gemology with experience in gem cutting. Having gained experience in Sales & Marketing, she has joined the family business to offer her specialised skills. Being around her father and the business since she was very young, she has had early exposure to gems and jewellery which has fuelled a passion to be actively engaged in the industry. She has a knack for creativity, a keen eye for colour and an enthusiasm for working with people .Combining her love of travelling and interacting with people, she has found that sales and marketing for the company are her niche.