Cutting And Polishing

The traditional method of gemstone faceting carried out through old-fashioned artistry and inherited skills was by using the “Hanaporuwa” or the Bow Cutting Method. However, the commercial demands and the exacting needs of the international markets has prompted the need of engaging precision cutting methods to maximize the quality of the finished good. The engagement of Japanese technology and the naturally inherent flair within the gemstone cutting community has made Sri Lanka one of the most competitive and exacting locations for lapidary services.

Our lapidarists are highly skilled in working with precious and semi-precious gems and are able to work with a variety of materials from all over the world. They are proficient in a variety of cuts and a few of them have been the winners of local cutting competitions. With our lapidary services, you are assured of professional handling of the precious items at all stages of work, minimum wastage and a maximum yield. Our lapidary services include Free Size cutting, Calibrated cutting and Precision Cutting, (traditional cuts as well as fancy, new cuts), and would also accommodate very personalized cutting according to technical drawings supplied by the customers in special instances.

The cut gemstones are given their due luster through polishing, and if needed, enhancing their inner beauty using state-of-the–art technology, after which, they are carefully packaged for export following stringent guidelines set for the export of valuables. The Company also offers their administrative services facilitating the import and export of the products through the Sri Lanka Customs and the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Authority.