Purchases for our stock is done by Anura, with the skill and experience gained while working as a Valuer at the State Gem Corporation. He had organized, supervised and purchased gems at gem auctions in Ratnapura, Eheliyagoda, and Matale for the State when the State Gem Corp. was involved in commercial activities. The knowledge and experience he has gained over the last 40 years of being actively involved in gem cutting, gives him an added advantage when purchasing rough or cut and polished gem stones.

All stones offered by us to our customers are perfectly cut with correct critical angles which produces perfect brilliance. Neither windows nor heavy bottoms are allowed in our cutting and all our shapes are made on machine to make them perfectly symmetrical.

Dealers from Ratnapura, Eheliyagoda, Rakwana, Beruwala, Matale, and Galle visit our buying office in Colombo to sell their rough or cut and polished gems. A gem laboratory housed in the same building is a great advantage when a stone has to be tested. All these advantages help us to offer a better priced and better cut gemstone to our customers.